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The New Orleans-based hip-hop duo Suicideboys has made a name for themselves in the industry thanks to their original sound and determination. Scrim and Ruby da Cherry, who are cousins, worked their way up from underground to mainstream success, which is a reflection of their talent and perseverance. Considerable Suicideboys net worth and numerous professional accomplishments are examined in this article.

Who Are $uicideboy$?

Having started out on SoundCloud, $uicideboy$ has swiftly become a household name since his 2014 debut. Scott Arceneaux Jr.’s Scrim and Aristos Petrou’s Ruby da Cherry have garnered a devoted following thanks to their honest lyrics and self-produced music. Dark and introspective, their music speaks volumes about their lives and the challenges they’ve faced.

Net Worh

$uicideboy$ reportedly has a net worth of around $2.5 million. Their live performances, music sales, and streaming revenues have brought them great wealth. Their financial growth shows how much of an impact they have on the hip-hop scene, even though they are an independent label.


Ruby da Cherry and Scrim, who were born in 1990 and 1989, respectively, are not just bandmates but also relatives, and their close relationship has helped shape their music into a unified whole. Their upbringing in New Orleans, a city renowned for its rich musical history, has had a profound impact on their work ethic and personal style.

Ruby da Cherry will be 34 years old in 2024, while Scrim will be 35 years old. Their youthful energy and impressive track record in the music industry bode well for their future endeavours.

Height and Weight

Scrim is a hair taller than Ruby da Cherry, who stands at 5 feet 8 inches. The two musicians exude an electric energy that is just as noticeable in their performances as it is in their music.


Ruby and Scrim’s familial connections have been instrumental to their professional success. Their close bond as family has given them a leg up in the music industry and helped them launch successful businesses.

Early Life

The two cousins grew up in New Orleans, where they heard music from all over the world. Their music, which incorporates elements of many genres to form an original sound, is heavily influenced by their varied upbringing.


A career started on SoundCloud, where $uicideboy$ released tracks that went viral. Their debut album, “Kill Yourself Part I: The $uicide $aga,” and other early works laid the groundwork for their subsequent success. Their popularity skyrocketed thanks to notable collaborations with artists like Pouya and Black Smurf. This led to massive streaming numbers and intense fan engagement.

Personal Life

$uicideboy$’s music is heavily impacted by the members’ open discussions about their struggles with mental health. They have created a community of listeners who find comfort and understanding in their lyrics through their personal experiences and candidness, which has helped them build a strong connection with their audience.


$uicideboy$ is committed to their music and self-improvement, so they keep a low profile despite their success. G*59 Records is their independent record label, and they’re still making and selling music.

Influence of New Orleans on $uicideboy$’s Music Style and Success

Influence of New Orleans on $uicideboy$'s Music Style and Success

The artistic output of the $uicideboy$ has been greatly impacted by New Orleans, a city with a rich musical history. Their music reflects the city’s eclectic music scene, which has provided them with a wealth of sounds and stories to work with.

Cultural Heritage

The music of $uicideboy$ embodies the distinctive New Orleans fusion of jazz, blues, and hip-hop. Their distinctively raw and expressive style, informed by their cultural background, distinguishes them from other musicians working in the same field.

Lyrical Content

Their songs often deal with the realities of living on the streets of New Orleans, as well as stories of triumph over adversity. They have a worldwide following because their songs are rich with emotion and sincere in their storytelling.

Community Impact

$uicideboy$ frequently mention how their hometown serves as a source of inspiration and stability in their lives. Their meteoric climb to fame would not have been possible without the early platform provided by their local community’s unwavering support.

Strategic Use of Digital Platforms for Growth

Their meteoric climb to fame is in large part due to the clever use of digital platforms such as Bandcamp and SoundCloud by the duo. By going digital, they were able to cut out the middlemen and connect with fans directly.

SoundCloud Success

In the early stages of $uicideboy$’s success, SoundCloud was crucial. Their use of this platform allowed them to rapidly release music while also soliciting direct fan feedback, which allowed them to hone their sound and attract more listeners.

Social Media Engagement

$uicideboy$ maintains an active presence across a number of social media sites, where they interact with fans, reveal new music, and provide exclusive content from their creative process. They have been able to keep their popularity and the devotion of their fans alive thanks to this open channel of communication.

Innovative Marketing

Their promotional strategies are just as out-of-the-box as their music. They keep fans engaged and eagerly awaiting new content with a variety of unique merchandise and surprise releases.

Financial Milestones and Business Acumen

Their knowledge of the financial and operational dynamics of the music industry is on full display in the business side of their career, especially with their independent label G*59 Records.

Independent Label Success

Because they own their record label, G*59 Records, $uicideboy$ is able to keep all of the creative and financial freedoms that come with it. This decision paid off handsomely, enabling them to make the most of their music and merchandise sales.

Revenue Streams

Besides selling and streaming music, $uicideboy$ also make a tonne of money from things like touring and merchandise. Their astute business decisions have allowed them to diversify their sources of income.

Growth Strategy

They have maximised their visibility and profitability through the strategic release of their projects and their touring schedule. A key component in maintaining their financial growth is their mastery of timing the release of new content.

Future Endeavors

As far as the future is concerned, $uicideboy$ is not slowing down. Their ambitions to broaden their musical style and perhaps explore uncharted creative ground bode well for their career trajectory.


Q1: What genres do $uicideboy$ primarily focus on?

$uicideboy$ blend elements of hip-hop, trap, and punk to create their unique sound.

Q2: How did $uicideboy$ start their music career?

They began by releasing their music on SoundCloud and gained popularity due to their unique style and raw lyrics.

Q3: What is G*59 Records?

G*59 Records is the independent music label founded and owned by $uicideboy$.

Q4: Have $uicideboy$ won any music awards?

As of now, $uicideboy$ have not been highlighted with major music awards, focusing instead on their underground acclaim.

Q5: Where can I find $uicideboy$’s music?

Their music is available on most streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud, as well as on their Bandcamp profile.

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The rise of $uicideboy$ from relative obscurity to prominent status in the music industry is an inspiring tale of perseverance, skill, and enterprise. They are key figures in modern hip hop, and Suicideboys net worth is expected to grow as they continue to evolve and expand their influence.

Not only does this $uicideboy$ analysis show how successful they are financially, but it also emphasises how they bring a unique combination of honesty and innovation to the music industry. What really matters in their story is the influence they’ve had on music lovers and the industry as a whole, not merely the numbers.

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