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Eddie George, whose name is instantly associated with great football, has gone on to launch a number of lucrative businesses since retiring from the National Football League. This article explores Eddie George net worth in depth, looking at his career, personal life, and financial journey.

Who is Eddie George?

Who is Eddie George?

Former American football player and current Tennessee State head coach Eddie George is quite the character. George has been a huge help in many ways, not the least of which is his stellar reputation as a running back. His commitment and adaptability have solidified his place in sports history and beyond.

Net Worth

Eddie George’s net worth is projected to be approximately $4 million in 2024. He became wealthy through his time in the NFL, his salary as a coach, endorsement deals, and his own business endeavors. His impressive wealth is a testament to his business savvy and athletic abilities.

Early Life

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Edward Nathan George Jr. came into this world on September 24, 1973. College scouts noticed his early enthusiasm for football while he was a member of the Abington Raiders and then at Fork Union Military Academy, where he refined his talents.


During his time as a Buckeye from 1992 to 1995, Eddie George was a student at Ohio State. He won a slew of accolades for his outstanding collegiate football career, the most notable of which was the 1995 Heisman Trophy.


NFL Career

The Houston Oilers, who are now the Tennessee Titans, selected Eddie George with the fourteenth overall pick in the 1996 NFL Draft. Among his many honors throughout his nine-year career were being named to multiple Pro Bowls and being named NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year. His career was defined by his perseverance and constant performance.

Coaching Career

The position of head coach at Tennessee State University, which Eddie George assumed in April 2021, pays $400,000 per year. Discipline and the development of team talent are two of his primary leadership goals.

College Career Highlights

Eddie George was a star athlete and recipient of several honors while attending Ohio State. While he was a senior in college, he was named Heisman Trophy winner as well as recipient of the Doak Walker, Maxwell, and Walter Camp awards. His skill and determination were on full display as he set a new single-season record with 1,927 rushing yards.

Personal Life

In2004, Eddie George tied the knot with R&B singer Tamara “Taj” Johnson. Financial successes and failures have been gracefully handled by them as they have worked together through many endeavors.

Eddie George’s Achievements

NFL Milestones

Consistency and resilience were the hallmarks of Eddie George’s NFL career. He made it to the Pro Bowl four times and was named the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year in 1996. His 130-game starting streak is second only to that of the great Walter Payton. The Houston Oilers, Tennessee Titans, and Dallas Cowboys all benefited from George’s consistent high performance.

Coaching Accomplishments

Eddie George has been diligently working to establish a formidable and competitive squad at Tennessee State University as head coach. He wants his players to be great in and out of the game, so he stresses discipline, hard work, and strategy.

Eddie George’s Financial Journey

NFL Earnings

Eddie George made over $29.9 million in salary during his nine years in the NFL. A seven-year, $41.25 million deal with the Tennessee Titans demonstrated his worth to the team and was the source of his highest earnings. The groundwork for his post-retirement endeavors was laid by this substantial income.

Endorsements and Business Ventures

The endorsement deals and business endeavors that Eddie George has been a part of have supplemented his NFL salary. His endorsement deals with companies like Nike have contributed to his growing wealth. Another source of income diversification for him is the ownership of Eddie George Bar and Grille 27 in Columbus, Ohio.

Coaching Salary

Eddie George’s yearly salary as head coach at Tennessee State is $400,000. In addition to bolstering his financial situation, this position enables him to remain involved with the sport he adores by guiding the athletes of tomorrow.

Marriage and Family

Eddie George and Tamara “Taj” Johnson were Married in 2004. In addition to her acting and singing, Taj is well-known for her time spent performing with the R&B group SWV. They have grown closer as a team through the years as they have overcome obstacles and achieved goals together.

Philanthropy and Community Involvement

Community service and philanthropy are important parts of Eddie George’s life. He has been an advocate for the state of Tennessee’s GetFitTN initiative, which promotes physical fitness and healthy lifestyles. In his private life, he is deeply committed to helping others and making a difference.

Interests and Hobbies

Eddie George’s interests extend far beyond football; he finds joy in fitness training and business. He has managed to strike a good balance between his professional responsibilities and his personal interests thanks to his varied interests.

Lifestyle and Investments

Real Estate Investments

There have been ups and downs for Eddie George’s real estate investments. As a reminder of how unpredictable the real estate market can be, he had to deal with the foreclosure of his Nashville home in 2012. Although this setback has occurred, his investments have still added to his total wealth.

Fitness and Wellness

A strong dedication to health and wellness is evident in Eddie George’s strenuous exercise routine. In keeping with his athletic history and personal philosophy, he is actively involved in fitness programs and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Future Endeavors

Eddie George has big plans for the future, including stepping up his coaching career and starting a new business. He has a bright future ahead of him in sports and business thanks to his strategic thinking.


How much is Eddie George worth in 2024?

Eddie George’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be around $4 million.

What is Eddie George’s salary as a coach?

Eddie George earns an annual salary of $400,000 as the head coach at Tennessee State University.

How did Eddie George earn his net worth?

Eddie George earned his net worth through his NFL career, endorsements, business ventures, and coaching salary.

What awards did Eddie George win in college?

Eddie George won the Heisman Trophy, Doak Walker Award, Maxwell Award, and Walter Camp Award during his college career.

Does Eddie George have any business ventures?

Yes, Eddie George owns Eddie George Bar and Grille 27 in Columbus, Ohio, and is involved in other entrepreneurial activities.

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Eddie George net worth and accomplishments are a testament to his talent, determination, and flexibility. George has been an inspiration and a source of growth throughout his life, beginning in his hometown of Philadelphia and continuing into his position as head coach. In and out of the game, his impact has been and will be a source of inspiration for future entrepreneurs and athletes.

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