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When people think of influential and powerful people in sports, the name Jimmy Sexton immediately comes to mind. He represents some of the biggest names in college and NFL football, and Sexton has become famous for his exceptional abilities as a sports agent, amassing a significant fortune. This article gives a thorough overview of one of the most important people in sports management, Jimmy Sexton, by diving into the specifics of his career, personal life, and Jimmy Sexton net worth.

Key InformationDetails
NameJimmy Sexton
Date of BirthAugust 22, 1963
Current PositionCo-Head of Football and Head of Coaching, sports agent for Creative Artist Agency
Joined Agency2011
EducationEvangelical Christian School (1982), University of Tennessee (1986)
First Contract Signed1984
First ClientReggie White
RepresentsBoth players and coaches
SEC Head Football Coaches Represented11 of 14
NFL Head Coaches Represented7
Forbes List Appearances2015, 2018, 2019, 2020
Net Worth$30 million

Who is Jimmy Sexton?

Jimmy Sexton has been with Creative Artist Agency (CAA) since 2011 and serves as both head coach and co-head of football. Sexton, who came into this world on August 22, 1963, has made a name for himself as a premier sports agent, working with some of the best names in the NFL and college football. His career got its start when he signed a historic contract with Hall of Fame defensive player and former college roommate Reggie White. White went on to earn more than any other NFL player at the time.

Net Worth

It is believed that Jimmy Sexton is worth approximately $30 million. He has been a successful sports agent, brokering deals worth billions of dollars, and this impressive figure is a testament to that. Commissions on player contracts and endorsements generate the bulk of Sexton’s income, positioning him as one of the richest sports agents.


Jimmy Sexton was born and brought up in Memphis, Tennessee. In 1982, he earned a diploma from Evangelical Christian School. He went on to earn a degree in 1986 from the University of Tennessee. In 1984, he signed his first client, Reggie White, a fellow college student, marking the beginning of his career in sports management. A fruitful career in sports agency was launched with this initial success.


Jimmy Sexton’s birthday is August 22, 1963, making him 60 years old right now. His weight and height are closely guarded secrets, but nobody can deny his immense influence in the sports world.


It is well-known that Jimmy Sexton is a family man, but details regarding his immediate family are kept under wraps. He is proud of his professional accomplishments and prefers to keep his private life out of the spotlight.

Early Life

Sexton has always had a soft spot for the game, even as a young boy in Memphis. He laid a solid academic and athletic foundation at Evangelical Christian School. While a student at the University of Tennessee, he dabbled in sports agency work, which sparked an interest in sports management that has remained with him ever since.


Following his 1982 graduation from Evangelical Christian School, Sexton attended and eventually earned a degree from the University of Tennessee in 1986. His formal education set him up for future success in the cutthroat field of sports management by providing him with the background he needed to succeed.


In 1984, Jimmy Sexton signed Hall of Famer Reggie White, and White’s career took off. He joined the ranks of the NFLPA’s youngest licensed agents in 1987. Sexton has represented a number of notable figures in the NFL, including Julio Jones, Derrick Henry, Sam Darnold, and eleven of the fourteen head football coaches from the SEC. He has also represented seven head coaches from the NFL. When it comes to sports management, he is unrivaled in his impact on the industry.

Personal Life

Little is known about Sexton’s private life. He has served on the boards of several organizations, including Hope Christian Community Foundation (Memphis), Fellowship of Christian Athletes (Memphis), and Make-A-Wish Mid-South, and is well-known for his charitable work. He exemplifies integrity and a desire to make a difference outside of sports by giving back to the community.

Personal Style

Jimmy Sexton lives the high life as a top sports agent should. He stays out of the spotlight, but he lives the high life thanks to his fortune and success. He maintains a healthy equilibrium between his work and personal life by concentrating on his charitable work and career.

Top NFL Stars Represented by Jimmy Sexton

Top NFL Stars Represented by Jimmy Sexton

Ndamukong Suh, Julio Jones, Philip Rivers, Derrick Henry, Julius Jones, Laremy Tunsil, Jason Witten, and Philip Rivers are among the notable NFL players that have used Sexton’s services. The fact that these athletes have been so successful as a team is a result of Sexton’s skill as a sports agent, which has earned him many lucrative endorsement deals.

Influence in NFL Coaching Contracts

Not only do players feel Sexton’s impact, but coaches do as well. He showcases his versatility and reach in the sports industry by representing seven NFL head coaches and eleven of the fourteen head football coaches in the Southeastern Conference. His skill and influence in sports management are further demonstrated by his ability to secure prominent contracts for coaches.

Major Deals Brokered by Jimmy Sexton

Sexton has been a key broker in a number of high-profile deals that have changed the face of sports betting on multiple occasions. Sexton has raised the bar in contract negotiations, whether it’s for current NFL stars or for record-breaking players like Reggie White. Because of his market acumen and strategic mindset, he has become an unstoppable force in the sports management industry.

Role at Creative Artists Agency

The success of CAA has been greatly impacted by Sexton since he joined the agency in 2011. Acquiring top talent and securing high-value contracts, he expanded CAA’s influence in the sports world in his roles as Co-Head of Football and Head of Coaching. His direction and foresight have been crucial to CAA’s success and rise to the top of the sports agency industry.

Philanthropic Activities 

Jimmy Sexton is devoted to charity work in addition to his successful career. Hope Christian Community Foundation (Memphis), Fellowship of Christian Athletes (Memphis), and Make-A-Wish Mid-South are just a few of the nonprofits he’s on the board of. His generosity shows how much he cares about helping others and making a difference in the world.

Early Influences and Mentorship

Sports Management

The people and places Jimmy Sexton encountered as a young man had a significant impact on his decision to pursue a career in sports management. Sexton was immersed in a thriving sports culture during his childhood in Memphis, Tennessee. He became immediately interested in sports management after being exposed to the field in this setting and began actively seeking out ways to advance his career in the field.

Mentorship by Industry Leaders

Sexton has acknowledged the mentorship and support of numerous important people throughout his career. He was lucky to have the guidance of seasoned agents and sports managers early in his career; they taught him a great deal. Sexton owes a great debt of gratitude to these influential people for molding his perspective on sports management and contract negotiations.

Developing a Personal Brand

From a young age, Sexton knew he needed to establish a personal brand. His reliability and trustworthiness were solidified by his dedication to professionalism, honesty, and putting the needs of his clients first. He was able to land big deals and work with famous clients because of his formidable personal brand, which paved the way for his future success.

Notable Clients and Contracts

High-Profile NFL Players

The list of clients of Jimmy Sexton is as impressive as an NFL roster. Julio Jones, Derrick Henry, and Sam Darnold are some of his famous clients. Thanks to Sexton’s skill in negotiating lucrative endorsement deals, all of these players have reaped the benefits. As an example, Sexton facilitated Julio Jones’s deal with the Atlanta Falcons, which resulted in Jones becoming one of the league’s highest-paid wide receivers.

College Football Coaches

Countless collegiate football coaches are represented by Sexton, in addition to NFL players. Eleven of the fourteen head football coaches in the Southeastern Conference are under his sway, including well-known figures like Kirby Smart and Nick Saban. Sexton is widely recognized as a top agent in the collegiate and professional football industries due to his skill in negotiating lucrative contracts for these coaches.

Influential NFL Coaches

Even among NFL coaches, Sexton has left an impression. In his role as an agent, he ensures that seven head coaches in the National Football League receive salary increases commensurate with their achievements. As evidence of his expertise in negotiating advantageous terms for his clients, he has frequently established new standards for coaching salaries.

Evolution of Sports Agency 

Pioneering Dual Representation

As a trailblazer in the field of dual representation, Jimmy Sexton made a substantial impact on the sports agency industry. Sexton is able to provide a full spectrum of services because, unlike most agents, he represents both players and coaches. Other agencies have followed this strategy because it has set a new benchmark.

Adapting to Market Changes

Sexton has proven time and time again that he can effortlessly adjust to shifting trends in the sports industry. Regardless of the changes in league salary caps, endorsement opportunities, or player needs, Sexton always stays one step ahead. Because he is so versatile, he can always give his clients the best, most current advice.

Leveraging Media and Technology

When it comes to helping clients make the most of media and technology, Sexton has also been a trailblazer. He has assisted clients in raising their profiles in the public eye and landing endorsement deals through the use of digital marketing tactics and social media. His status as a top sports agent has been solidified by this innovative strategy.

Influence in the Sports Industry

Shaping Player Salaries

The salary structure of NFL players has been greatly affected by the negotiations of Jimmy Sexton. The total salary scale for players has been raised thanks to Sexton, who has secured record-breaking contracts for his clients. His groundbreaking work has inspired other agents to fight for greater client compensation.

Advocacy for Player Rights

When it comes to player rights, Sexton is just as vocal as when it comes to negotiating contracts. Working conditions, health benefits, and player support as a whole have all been areas of focus for his many initiatives. Thanks to his lobbying efforts, the league now has stronger safeguards and higher standards.

Impact on Sports Management Practices

The field of sports management as a whole has also been affected by Sexton’s fresh ideas. Many other agencies and agents have taken cues from his methods of adaptive negotiation, media engagement, and dual representation. So, Sexton has been instrumental in shaping the modern sports management industry.

Lifestyle and Philanthropy

Balancing Professional and Personal Life

Jimmy Sexton has kept his personal and professional lives in check despite his hectic work schedule. He is well-known for his hard work and devotion, but he still finds time for his loved ones and hobbies. His ability to maintain such a steady equilibrium is evidence of his meticulous planning and dedication to health in general.

Philanthropic Involvement

Sexton has shown his dedication to philanthropy through his work with various nonprofits. Among the Memphis-based organizations he’s involved with are Hope Christian Community Foundation, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Make-A-Wish Mid-South. He wants to make a difference in the world, so he gives back to causes that help kids, schools, and communities.

Community Engagement

Sexton is involved in a number of community projects in addition to his roles on boards. To help the people in his community, he takes part in various initiatives such as mentorship programs, fundraisers, and other similar events. He is clearly committed to making a positive impact through the use of his power and wealth, as evidenced by his engagement.

Future Prospects and Industry Trends

Emerging Talent Representation

As far as the future of college and NFL football is concerned, Jimmy Sexton will most certainly keep his eye out for promising young players. He will remain successful in the industry thanks to his talent spotting skills and ability to negotiate advantageous contracts. The need for Sexton’s knowledge will grow as more and more athletes and coaches join the industry.

Adapting to Industry Changes

Sexton has a good chance of succeeding in the ever-changing sports industry. It will be critical for Sexton to be able to anticipate and adapt to changes in the market, new rules, and sports science. Clients will continue to reap the benefits of his adaptive strategies, which will propel him to the forefront of sports management.

Expanding Influence

It is believed that Sexton’s impact will grow in the years to come. The field of sports management will be greatly influenced by his innovative ideas, vast network, and expertise in the field. As his position at Creative Artists Agency expands, he will be able to influence the sports industry in even more ways.

Future Endeavors

Jimmy Sexton has no plans to slow down in the near future. He will continue to make a big splash in the sports industry as long as he represents elite college and NFL football players. Sexton will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the careers of coaches and athletes thanks to his wealth of knowledge and experience.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is Jimmy Sexton’s net worth?

Jimmy Sexton’s net worth is estimated to be around $30 million, primarily earned through his successful career as a sports agent.

2. Who are some of Jimmy Sexton’s top clients?

Some of Jimmy Sexton’s top clients include NFL stars like Sam Darnold, Julio Jones, Derrick Henry, and coaches from the SEC and NFL.

3. What role does Jimmy Sexton play at Creative Artists Agency?

Jimmy Sexton is the Co-Head of Football and Head of Coaching at Creative Artists Agency (CAA), where he has been instrumental in expanding the agency’s influence in the sports industry.

4. How did Jimmy Sexton start his career?

Jimmy Sexton started his career in 1984 by signing Reggie White, a future Hall of Famer and his college dorm mate. This early success set the stage for his prolific career in sports agency.

5. What philanthropic activities is Jimmy Sexton involved in?

Jimmy Sexton is involved in several philanthropic activities, serving on the boards of Make-A-Wish Mid-South, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (Memphis), and Hope Christian Community Foundation (Memphis).

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Jimmy Sexton is among the most powerful and wealthy people in the sports industry, with an estimated Jimmy Sexton net worth of $30 million, thanks to his incredible career as a sports agent. Much beyond the contracts he negotiates, Sexton has an impact through his charitable work and his representation of prominent NFL players and coaches. His credibility, competence, and reliability have made him an esteemed sports agent, and his future projects will undoubtedly have an impact on the industry.

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