Eric Persson Net Worth 2024

Eric Persson  net worth is estimated to be around $1.2 billion. His achievements as CEO of Maverick Gaming and co-founder of NetEnt, a market leader in online gaming solutions, have contributed significantly to his considerable fortune. He is quite wealthy because of his investment in NetEnt, a company with a market value of more than $2 billion. The enterprise value of his company, Maverick Gaming, is approximately $1 billion, and he plans to increase it to $5 billion in the next five years.

Real NameErric Hans Persson
Net worth$1.2 Billions
Date of Birth1975
Place of Birth Hoquiam, Washington D.C.
ProfessionBusiness, Poker Player
SpouseAnn (married in 2007)
Height1.81 m
NationalityUnited States of America

Eric Persson’s Early Life in Hoquiam, WA

Growing up in Hoquiam, Washington, was the bedrock of Eric Persson’s success. Growing up in close proximity to the Shoalwater Bay Indian Nation tribe gave him a profound respect for both his culture and the casino business. His outlook on life, work, and games were all profoundly impacted by this formative experience.

Eric Persson’s Personal life

Eric Persson is married and has four children. The Entire family  lives in the Las Vegas area. His two Miami-based daughters are from a previous marriage.

Educational Background

He studied Sociology, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Political Science and Communications at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas ,getting a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1998,. After that, in 2001, he got his Juris Doctor from Georgetown University Law Centre. Earnings from poker, according to Persson, allowed him to pay for both his undergraduate and doctoral degrees.

The Role of Education in Shaping a Gaming Mogul

A key component in Eric Persson’s growth as a corporate leader was his educational path. His studies in Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Communications at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, informed his approach to business later in life. The analytical and strategic abilities he developed during his stay at Georgetown University Law Centre were crucial for him to succeed in the casino industry’s intricate legal and regulatory landscape.

 Eric Persson’s Maverick Gaming Success Story

 Eric Persson's Maverick Gaming Success Story

Maverick Gaming, founded by legendary American casino magnate Eric Persson, has changed the gaming business forever. He grew up close to the Shoalwater Bay Indian Nation tribe in Hoquiam, Washington, and his love of gaming was a driving force in his life’s work. Persson’s vision and drive drove him to get degrees from Georgetown University Law Centre and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. This solid intellectual background, along with his poker talents that helped fund his studies, set him up for an extraordinary career.

Business Ventures

Eric Persson’s career trajectory in the game industry exemplifies his business acumen and strategic thinking. As his career progressed, Persson went from his humble beginnings at a Topeka, KS casino to holding executive roles in Sin City. He says that people like Michael Gaughan and Sheldon Adelson taught him a lot that helped him succeed. The formation of Maverick gambling, which he spearheaded with heavy investments in Nevada and grew to encompass 31 gambling locations in Washington, Colorado, and Nevada by April 2023, was a watershed milestone in his career.

Eric Persson’s Impact in the Casino Industry

With Persson at the helm, Maverick Gaming has grown into a private gaming behemoth. His plan to become the industry leader by purchasing and improving medium-sized casinos has worked, and Maverick Gaming is now a household name. In order to guarantee the company’s longevity and continued influence on the industry, Persson intends to retain Maverick Gaming privately and pass it on to his son. This demonstrates his dedication to his mission.

Legal Challenges and Advocacy

An important part of Persson’s career has been his position on the rules governing sports betting. In 2022, Maverick Gaming took on the Washington state tribal interests’ sports betting monopoly in court. Legal action like this shows how committed Persson is to level playing fields and how he is prepared to stand up for what he believes in, no matter how tough the opposition.


A lifelong passion for poker has dogged Eric Persson. His participation in high-stakes televised poker tournaments, like the record-breaking PokerGO No Gamble, No Future game, demonstrates his expertise and ability to think strategically. Playing these games is more than simply a pastime for Persson; it’s a strategic move to expand the Maverick Gaming name, demonstrating his capacity to combine his interests in gaming with his professional goals.

Eric Persson’s Poker Winnings

Eric Persson's Poker Winnings

Not only is Eric Persson famous for his financial ability, but he has also won a tonne of money at poker. His passion of the game, strategic acumen, and ability to manage risk are all on display in his participation in high-stakes games and televised poker matches. These poker gains have done double duty: they have boosted his personal wealth and promoted the Maverick Gaming brand, which features Persson in a positive light as a talented and competitive player.

Eric Persson’s Legal Endeavors

Among the many players fighting for fair treatment in the gaming regulatory landscape, Eric Persson has stood out. A daring move, his lawsuit challenges established standards and seeks to open the market for non-tribal firms like Maverick Gaming by suing the state and federal authorities over sports betting rights in Washington. The fact that Persson is fighting for equal opportunity in the gaming industry and a more varied and inclusive gaming scene is evident in this court action.

Eric Persson and Maverick Gaming

Maverick Gaming has grown and diversified under Eric Persson’s direction, reaching new states and offering a wider range of products. Under Persson’s leadership, the company acquired multiple gaming properties, showcasing its astute grasp of market dynamics and capacity to spot expansion prospects. His expansion strategy has helped Maverick Gaming carve out a special place for itself in the cutthroat gaming market by concentrating on mid-sized casino sites.

Influence of Shoalwater Bay Indian Nation on Eric Persson

In both his professional and personal life, Eric Persson’s ties to the Shoalwater Bay Indian Nation and his heritage have played an important role. Because of this relationship, he now has a fresh take on the gaming business, especially as it pertains to tribal gambling operations. The intricate relationship between one’s identity and one’s professional pursuits is exemplified by his reverence for his heritage and his determination to promote fair competition in the business.

Eric Persson’s Vision

Eric Persson's Vision

In the future, Eric Persson sees innovation and expansion in the casino sector as a whole, including Maverick Gaming. He is devoted to improving client experiences and operational efficiency through the use of cutting-edge technology. With his innovative mindset, Maverick Gaming is sure to continue to lead the gaming business and redefine customer service and entertainment.

Eric Persson’s Personal and Professional Philosophy

Hard effort, creativity, and dedication to one’s vision are the three pillars upon which Eric Persson’s success rests. In his commercial endeavours and legal challenges, he has never shied away from taking risks, reflecting his own philosophy of never sitting on the sidelines of life. His commitment to his family and his intentions to leave a lasting legacy to his son, along with this mindset, demonstrate that he is a leader who prioritises both professional success and personal fulfilment.

Philanthropic Endeavors

Eric Persson’s narrative of achievement goes beyond mere financial gain and company expansion. He gives back to the communities that have helped him along the way through his charitable work. He wants to make a difference outside of the casino floor and the gaming tables, so he donates to many social projects that represent his knowledge of CSR.

Eric Persson’s Influence on Casino Operations in Nevada, Colorado, Washington

Eric Persson has a major impact on the way casinos in Washington, Colorado, and Nevada operate, and his influence reaches across several states. His customer-centric approach and innovative management tactics have greatly transformed the way these regions experience casinos. He oversaw the introduction of innovative marketing campaigns and technological advancements at Maverick Gaming, which allowed the company to expand its customer base and provide players with an unmatched gaming experience.

The Entrepreneurial Journey of Eric Persson

The Entrepreneurial Journey of Eric Persson

Learning and adapting have been constants in Eric Persson’s entrepreneurial experience. His adaptability and eagerness to take on new challenges are on full display in his move from a profession in law to the gaming sector. Entrepreneurial prowess, keen insight into emerging trends, and the capacity to see the big picture have all been hallmarks of Persson’s career in the gaming industry.

Maverick Gaming CEO Achievements

During his tenure as CEO of Maverick Gaming, Eric Persson has accomplished a great deal, establishing new benchmarks for the gaming industry. Under his leadership, the company has made smart acquisitions, implemented new business models, and maintained its dedication to offering first-rate gaming experiences. In addition to demonstrating his financial acumen, these accomplishments highlight his leadership skills and his ability to motivate his team to greater heights.

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What is Eric Persson Net Worth?

Eric Persson  net worth is estimated to be around $1.2 billion. The enterprise value of his company, Maverick Gaming, is approximately $1 billion, and he plans to increase it to $5 billion in the next five years.

How did Eric Persson start Maverick Gaming?

Persson co-founded Maverick Gaming with an initial investment in Nevada properties, expanding it into a significant gaming enterprise.

What is Eric Persson’s approach to business?

Persson focuses on acquiring and enhancing small to medium-size casinos, maintaining a privately-held business model.

How has Eric Persson impacted the casino industry?

Through Maverick Gaming, Persson has significantly influenced the industry, particularly in Nevada, Colorado, and Washington.

What role does poker play in Eric Persson’s life?

Poker is both a personal passion and a strategic tool for brand building and public engagement for Persson.


An inspiring tale of dogged determination, foresight, and mastery of the gaming business, Eric Persson rose from humble beginnings in a Washington town to become a major player in the gaming industry. He stands out in the gaming and entrepreneurial worlds for his multi-faceted business approach, dedication to family and community, and unusual personality. Eric Persson’s reputation as a visionary, accomplished, and leader who cares about his community will only increase as he keeps running Maverick Gaming and playing high-stakes poker.

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