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American psychologist, author, and specialist on sexual addiction Dr. Doug Weiss is well-known. He has become a legendary figure in the field of counseling and mental health after an impressive career spanning decades. This article explores Dr. Doug Weiss net worth by looking at his income sources and financial accomplishments.

Full namesDouglas Weiss
NicknamesDr. Doug Weiss
Date of birthApril 18, 1962
Place of birthColorado Springs, Colorado, United States
Zodiac signAries
Marital statusEngaged
FianceeJoni Lamb
Ex-wifeLisa Weiss
Sexual orientationStraight
Height in feet5 feet 11 inches
Height in cm180 cm
CollegeUnited Wesleyan College, Northcentral University
ProfessionPsychologist, author, speaker

Who is Dr. Doug Weiss?

Who is Dr. Doug Weiss

Renowned psychologist Dr. Doug Weiss specializes in helping people overcome sexual addiction. In Colorado Springs, he established Heart to Heart Counseling Center and serves as its executive director. In addition to being a prolific speaker on national television, he has written more than 40 books. He has made appearances on shows such as Dr. Phil and Oprah.

Net Worth

An estimate places Dr. Doug Weiss’s net worth somewhere around $8 million. His counseling practice, books, TV appearances, and speaking engagements have all contributed to his wealth. He has made a substantial influence in the area of psychology, and his financial portfolio shows it. He is also very committed to his career.


Dr. Weiss’s biography attests to his commitment to assisting people in overcoming addiction and attaining personal growth. He has carved out a profession that combines his love for ministry with his knowledge of psychology since his birth on April 18, 1962, in Fort Worth, Texas.

Age, Height, and Weight

At the moment, Dr. Doug Weiss is 61 years old. His balanced lifestyle and commitment to personal well-being allow him to stand at an average height and maintain a healthy weight.


Family comes first for Dr. Doug Weiss. He has four children and six grandchildren from a previous marriage to Lisa Weiss. He finds the inspiration and drive to achieve his professional and personal goals in his family life, which is a foundation of his identity.

Early Life

Dr. Weiss’s fascination with people and their actions began at a young age. He was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, where he set the groundwork for his future by pursuing his interests in psychology and ministry.


From Northcentral University, Dr. Weiss earned a BA in Pastoral Ministries, an MA in Divinity and a PhD in Psychology, and a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Counseling. Thanks to his well-rounded education, he is well-prepared to succeed in his chosen profession.


Beginning in 2008 and continuing through 2009, Dr. Weiss served as an adjunct professor at Colorado Springs’s University of Colorado. With the goal of offering healing resources that are both inspiring and motivating, he established Healing Time Ministries in 2014. His tenure as president of AASAT has allowed him to instruct innumerable counselors and coaches in the field of sex addiction therapy.

Personal Life

Joni Lamb is a TV personality and executive producer; Dr. Weiss is engaged to her. This is in addition to his professional accomplishments. When it comes to therapy and counseling, his life experiences and relationships are the most important factors.


Dr. Weiss has a well-rounded life that he balances with his work, family, and hobbies. Taking care of one’s mental, physical, and emotional health is important to him, and his lifestyle choices reflect that.

Earnings from Dr. Doug Weiss’s Books

Sexual addiction, intimacy, and personal development are just a few of the subjects covered in Dr. Doug Weiss’s forty books. His books generate a substantial amount of income, which adds to his total wealth. Here are a few of his most notable works:

1. A Marriage-In-A-Month

In order to help married couples grow closer to one another, this book offers advice and activities that any couple can do. People looking to enhance their relationships often refer to it, and it has received numerous accolades.

2. The Book on Intimacy Anorexia

Couples and individuals struggling with intimacy issues can find helpful strategies and tools in this groundbreaking book on the concept of intimacy anorexia. For innumerable people, it has been a key to breaking down emotional barriers.

3. Clean: A Workable Program for Hygienic Men

For men who want to beat their sexual addiction, this book is a must-read. It is an invaluable tool for individuals seeking sobriety because it offers both spiritual guidance and practical steps.

Revenue from Dr. Doug Weiss’s TV Appearances

Thanks to his extensive background in the field, Dr. Weiss is a popular TV guest who discusses addiction and mental health.

1. Dr. Phil Show

The Dr. Phil Show was a major factor in Dr. Weiss’s meteoric rise to fame. His segments on relationship problems and sexual addiction have had a significant and widespread impact.

2. Oprah Winfrey’s Show

Dr. Weiss has addressed important issues in self-improvement and addiction rehabilitation in his appearances on Oprah. As a result of his perceptive analysis, he has become an even more prominent figure in the industry.

3. The US Good Morning

Good Morning America has also featured Dr. Weiss, who has offered relationship and mental health tips. In addition to raising his profile, these appearances have helped boost his income from media appearances.

Income from Dr. Doug Weiss’s Counseling Center

Dr. Weiss has built his career and income around the Heart to Heart Counseling Center, which he established.

1. Sexual Addiction Counseling

The facility provides individualized treatment programs for those struggling with sexual addiction. This service is in great demand and brings in a good amount of money every month.

2. Intimacy Anorexia Treatment

Many people seek help from Dr. Weiss for intimacy anorexia because of his novel approach. In order to assist individuals and couples in overcoming this condition, the counseling center provides specialized programs.

3. Marital Counseling and Healing

As an additional service, the Heart to Heart Counseling Center offers marital counseling to assist couples in overcoming obstacles and strengthening their bonds. The center’s credibility and prosperity can be attributed in large part to this service.

Dr. Doug Weiss’s Investment Portfolio

Dr. Weiss’s wealth is a result of his astute financial decisions. He has diversified his assets, although details about his portfolio are not widely publicized.

1. Real Estate Investments

One typical way to amass wealth is through real estate investments, which Dr. Weiss has made. You can expect a regular flow of income in addition to the possibility of capital gain from these investments.

2. Business Ventures

Dr. Weiss has been active in a number of field-related businesses alongside his counseling center. Online resources and publishing houses that focus on mental health and substance abuse treatment fall into this category.

3. Stock Market Investments

It is probable that Dr. Weiss, like many wealthy people, has a variety of assets in his portfolio. These investments offer potential for growth and contribute to the diversification of his financial holdings.

Dr. Doug Weiss’s Financial Achievements

Thanks to his perseverance and commitment to his profession, Dr. Weiss has been financially successful. His impact on innumerable lives is a more accurate measure of his accomplishments than his net worth.

1. Establishing Healing Time Ministries

It was a watershed moment in 2014 when Healing Time Ministries was founded. The resources for effective counseling and community healing have been provided by this organization to a large number of pastors and group leaders.

2. Publishing Over 40 Books

Dr. Weiss has established himself as a leading authority in his field and amassed substantial wealth through his prolific writing career. For people who are looking to improve themselves and their relationships, his books are still a great resource.

3. Media Presence

He has become more well-known and wealthy as a result of his frequent appearances on television and other media outlets. He is able to reach a wider audience and bring in more clients for his counseling services through these appearances.

Dr. Doug Weiss’s Wealth Compared to Other Psychologists

Dr. Weiss’s wealth can be better understood when placed in the context of other successful psychologists.

1. Renowned Psychologists

Dr. Weiss’s wealth is on par with that of other prominent psychologists like Drs. John Gottman and Phil McGraw. He is now one of the highest paid people in his industry thanks to his varied income streams and extensive media appearances.

2. Academic Psychologists

Dr. Weiss stands out in terms of overall wealth accumulation compared to other academic psychologists who earn significant incomes through research and teaching. This is because he combines private practice, media work, and book sales.

3. Celebrity Psychologists

Like others like Dr. Laura Berman, Dr. Weiss has become famous thanks to his extensive knowledge in the field. Because of his celebrity status, he is able to attract more followers and earn more money.

Future Endeavors

Dr. Weiss intends to keep appearing on television, giving speeches, and publishing new books in the future. He plans to make an even bigger difference in the future by continuing to help people and communities heal.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Dr. Doug Weiss’s net worth in 2024? 

Dr. Doug Weiss’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $8 million as of 2024.

  1. What areas of therapy does Dr. Doug Weiss specialize in? 

Dr. Weiss specializes in sexual addiction counseling, intimacy anorexia treatment, and marital counseling.

  1. Where did Dr. Doug Weiss receive his education? 

Dr. Weiss holds a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministries, dual master’s degrees in Divinity and Marriage and Family Counseling, and a doctorate in Psychology from Northcentral University.

  1. Who is Dr. Doug Weiss currently engaged to? 

Dr. Doug Weiss is currently engaged to Joni Lamb, an executive producer at Daystar Network.

  1. What is Dr. Doug Weiss’s role at the Heart to Heart Counseling Center? 

Dr. Weiss is the founder and executive director of the Heart to Heart Counseling Center in Colorado.

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As a result of his perseverance, commitment, and influence in the area of psychology, Dr. Doug Weiss has amassed a considerable fortune. Dr. Doug Weiss Net Worth is a testament to his successful career and the impact he has made. Many people have benefited from his many published works and his successful counseling practice, which have allowed them to live healthier, more fulfilling lives. He is already a prominent figure in the fields of mental health and addiction recovery, and his impact and fortune will only increase as he keeps working.

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