Crip Mac Net Worth 2024


Crip Mac is an iconic figure in rap music, celebrated for his unique sound and captivating songs. His relentless will allowed him to overcome a difficult childhood and become a successful rapper. Learn all about Crip Mac’s life, work, and Crip Mac Net Worth in this in-depth article.

Full NameCrip Mac
Birth Date28th February 1993
Country of OriginUSA
Net Worth (as of 2024)$1 Million

Who is Crip Mac?

One popular rapper is Crip Mac, who was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He has a large fan base thanks to his distinctive combination of storytelling and harsh lyrics. He overcame many obstacles in his youth to become a major player in the rap industry.

Net Worth

It is believed that Crip Mac is worth approximately $1 million USD. His lucrative music career, which features frequent live performances and prominent streaming presence, is the main source of his income. His business endeavours, such as the apparel line “Ratfood,” have also played a role in his fortune.


Circumstances and his surroundings have moulded Crip Mac’s life since he was born in Los Angeles. His distinctive artistic style was shaped by the behavioural challenges he faced, which led him to attend multiple schools. His success in the face of hardship has shaped his professional trajectory and his path to financial security.

Age, Height, Weight

Crip Mac date of birth is 28th February 1993. He is about 6 feet tall and 185 pounds heavy, and he has a striking appearance with dark skin, brown eyes, and black hair.


Trevor and Crystal Hurd’s only child is Crip Mac. He has a close relationship with his family because they have been there for him every step of the way. His parents’ love and support have always played a pivotal role in his development.

Early Life

Crip Mac had a difficult upbringing, full of obstacles like moving schools multiple times as a result of behavioural problems. In spite of everything, he persisted in pursuing his dream of becoming a musician. Everything from his music to his way of life was shaped by his upbringing in Los Angeles.


Chino Hills’ Newman Elementary School was Crip Mac’s first school before he transferred to a California private military boarding school. Reflecting the difficulties he encountered as a child, his educational path was characterised by multiple school transfers.


Rapper Crip Mac has built his reputation on his unique sound and catchy songs. His talent for striking an emotional chord with audiences through sincere and unfiltered storytelling has propelled him to the top of the music industry. His songs touch listeners deeply because they frequently speak to universal experiences.

Personal Life

Crip Mac has had good times and bad times in his own life. Lupe, who was both his romantic partner and his manager on a daily basis, was his ex-girlfriend. He keeps pushing forward with his music and career despite dealing with personal issues.


Criti Mac’s way of life is a reflection of his values and the path he has taken. He has kept his feet firmly planted on the ground and his mind on his music, even though he has become very wealthy. An example of his ambition to diversify his revenue sources and ensure his financial future is his apparel brand Ratfood, which he started as an entrepreneurial venture.

Career Highlights

Career Highlights

The highlights of Crip Mac’s career showcase his diverse talents and unwavering drive to succeed, which is evident in his growth as a rapper and entrepreneur.

Musical Achievements

The career of Crip Mac has been one of consistent ascent. His rap style, which draws inspiration from West Coast culture, strikes a chord with listeners. More people are listening to his music and interacting with his fans because of the numerous popular songs and collaborations he has released.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Crip Mac is a multi-talented individual who dabbles in music and business. Launching his clothing brand “Ratfood” in 2021, his goal was to provide streetwear that embodies his personality and style. As an extension of Crip Mac’s identity, the products have been well-received by fans, leading to the brand’s success.

Fan Base Growth

A lot of people have become big fans of Crip Mac over the years. He has built a dedicated fan base that backs his music and business endeavours thanks to his honest personality and relatable lyrics. Connecting with fans on social media has been instrumental in expanding his audience and establishing his reputation in the industry.

Challenges and Controversies

Crip Mac has had a rocky career full of controversy and setbacks, despite his success. The truths of his childhood are reflected in his life, which can draw criticism at times.

Gang Affiliation

The gang affiliation of Crip Mac has caused quite a stir. Problems in his personal and professional life have arisen as a result of his involvement with street gangs. Regardless, he has stuck with his music and used it to talk about his life.

Legal Issues

Crip Mac’s career has been interrupted on occasion by legal matters, including gang-related incidents. While he has worked tirelessly to overcome these obstacles and keep his focus on music and business, they have on occasion impeded his progress.

Public Incidents

A disturbing photo of Crip Mac, who had been brutally attacked, went viral in February 2022, making headlines around the world. This event brought to light the dangers that many artists confront when they are not in their studios, highlighting the harsh realities of street life.

Music and Culture

The music of Crip Mac is strongly influenced by Los Angeles culture. Street life, loyalty, and the difficulties of overcoming adversity as a child are common themes in his songs. Because of the honesty and determination he injects into his music, he has a major impact on the industry.

Social Media Presence

In order to connect with his fans and give them a taste of his life and music, Crip Mac takes to social media. His online presence has played a crucial role in expanding his fan base and staying relevant in an industry that is constantly evolving.

Impact on Fans

Crip Mac’s authenticity and tenacity have won him fans. Because of his example of overcoming hardship and succeeding in spite of it, he has become a symbol of resilience. Both his music and his business endeavours benefit from the support of his devoted fan base.

Future Plans

Crip Mac is planning big things for his career in the future.

Musical Reach

He plans to diversify his musical portfolio by investigating new sounds and collaborating with others. The goal of Crip Mac’s music is to connect with his current listeners and draw in new ones.

Business Empire

Using his clothing line as a springboard, Crip Mac intends to broaden his business interests. His goal is to make “Ratfood” a household name in the streetwear industry, a label that embodies his own taste and aesthetic.

Community Engagement

Crip Mac is aware of the influence he has on the next generation and wants to do his part by getting involved in the community. He hopes that by sharing his story, he can encourage others who are struggling to follow their dreams and overcome obstacles.

Future Endeavors

Crip Mac’s goal is to become even more well-known in the music business. His goals include expanding his fan base, building his reputation as an artist with many talents, and expanding his brand. He has a bright future ahead of him in music and business thanks to his tenacity and commitment to his work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Crip Mac worth?

Crip Mac’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million USD.

What is Crip Mac’s source of income?

His primary income sources are his music career and his clothing brand “Ratfood.”

How did Crip Mac achieve his net worth?

He built his net worth through music sales, streaming revenue, live performances, and his entrepreneurial ventures.

Has Crip Mac’s net worth changed recently?

His net worth has been steadily growing as he gains more recognition in the music industry.

What albums or songs contributed to Crip Mac’s net worth?

His popular songs have contributed significantly to his earnings through streaming and sales.


The fact that Crip Mac overcame adversity and achieved success as a rapper is evidence of his character. He is a well-respected figure in the music industry thanks to his impressive career and Crip Mac Net Worth, which he has achieved despite facing many obstacles.

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